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Show #265

Nic is hanging in this time on Skype...and Jody is diseased. << MORE >>

Show #264

Returning Special Guest, Nic Sadler is back.... Woo and Hoo!  We all took our blood pressure, Jody wins for the highest...that's good, right? << MORE >>

Show #263

Thoughts and prayers to all affected in Chile after the 8.2 quake on Tuesday night as well as the families of the victims of the Ft. << MORE >>

Show #262

SCOTUS heard arguments in the Hobby Lobby case which is about allowing it and the two other companies to disallow insurance to offer certain forms contraception to its employees because of the owners' religious beliefs. << MORE >>

Show #261.2

So, we had an earthquake on Monday....and it's been a while since we had to re-record an entire show, but yes, Jody screwed up again. << MORE >>

Show #260

It's our (well, Jody's) 5th anniversary!!  It's Rick's 2nd anniversary!!  We have returning FTB champion Nic Sadler joining today's show along with Sexy Liberal John Fugelsang!  We were hoping Legs could join us, but alas, he had to work....he was missed. << MORE >>

Show #259

So, Jody called into the Stephanie Miller Show on Wed morning, regarding a NYT article refuting Chris' assertion that the people in Ukraine are divided and the ones in Crimea want to be a part of Russia...anyway, after that commentary, Mamma plugged this podcast!!!  THANK YOU, STEPH!! 

Nic Sadler is back....uh oh! << MORE >>

Show #258

RIP Harold Ramis...we meant to talk about him, but with our guest, Nic Sadler, well, you listen to the show...things can go awry when there are guests in the Bunker...Jody teased an upcoming guest..... she never does that, good girl. << MORE >>

Show #257

The verdict in the murder trial of Michael Dunn for the killing of Jordan Davis and attempted murders of his friends came down on Saturday, a juror has spoken too. << MORE >>

Show #256

RIP Sid Caesar and Shirley Temple. << MORE >>
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